Top Email Marketing Software for SaaS Businesses

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a relatively different and newer model compared to other businesses, even traditional software companies. Traditional companies need to build an entire infrastructure base (data centers, databases, security, multiple redundant networks), and so much more. Customers come over to these companies and pay to download software.

However, SaaS is a type of service wherein customers don’t pay for the license. All of the product (that’s the software) is hosted directly on a cloud, so there isn’t any need for infrastructure to host it. Customers can pay a monthly fee and gain direct access to the software. 

Now, if you’re a SaaS company, you’re relatively new in the market, and you’d like to get the word out there about your product. Since you’re a software-based company, the best way to market the same is via digital. When it comes to digital, emails are the way to go. Since you have a subscription service, emails are a great way to get people to click and subscribe directly. 2020 is deemed to be an excellent year for email marketing, with close to 81% of SMBs opting for emails as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Emails also give you an excellent return on investment and also from brand value. If you market well, 49% of customers said they would love to hear from your brand regularly. 

As a SaaS business, you’ll need to talk about the updates, features, and more, and emails are the perfect way to do that. You’ll also need persuasive templates to create your emails and market them, and there are plenty of softwares available online to do that. 

Close to 93% of marketers claim that they depend on emails to distribute their content online, and there is weight in the argument. You can opt for unique methods to gain customers and followers online, and this is one of the best. Social media marketing is also another option, but 40% of marketers swear by regular newsletters. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best email template software for a SaaS business –


One of the best options for anyone looking to monetize emails and create a business is SendX. If you’re in the SaaS business, you’d know that there are plenty of different aspects of marketing to take care of. Especially in the initial stage, you’ll need a strong email drip campaign, lead generation, etc. SendX is the ideal option because they have all of the best features to help you send unlimited emails with high delivery rates.

SendX also comes with a simple UI and tutorials to understand the software better and use it to the maximum potential. If you’re not keen on using Mailchimp, then SendX is the perfect alternative as it provides the ideal features to get your SaaS business started online. 

Active Campaign

Another excellent website for a SaaS website is Active Campaign. It is a complete email automation software explicitly geared towards online marketing. With Active Campaign for your SaaS business, you’ll be able to effectively segregate your users and also enjoy an excellent user interface.

With the easy UI, you can figure out the different features and aspects and also save money once you subscribe to the software. 


Mailerlite is one software that allows you to create great content that gets the returns you need. It is ideal for SaaS businesses because it has a high lead generation flow, which brings the customer closer to your software, unlike any other. Mailerlite has a brilliant functionality for signing-up customers, and you can also grow and build your email lists, with the automated workflow.

Mailerlite is also a dashboard with which you can tailor your content to understand user behavior and improve the performance of your campaigns. 


Automizy is an excellent software for a SaaS business just starting because you can enjoy a slew of features, including split testing, automation, personalization, and more. It gets into the mind of the customer and gives you actionable insights to work with.

Automizy is also great because it allows you to use some of the best email automation tools. You’ll be able to send out emails at regular intervals without having to worry about whether the customer will open it or not because it only targets those with a higher affinity towards clicking.


AWeber is another excellent site to work with regards to sending out emails to interested customers in your SaaS business. This is a robust analytics tool that gives you all the necessary feedback from your email campaigns, allowing you to derive the best insights from it effectively.

The other AI tools can also be effectively incorporated to give that extra edge over the rest. This extensive comparison between Aweber and MailChimp can give you better insight on this. 


ConvertKit is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp and comes with all of its features but in a much systematic and affordable version. There are significant software updates for content, marketing automation, which can be implemented quickly, tag-based processes, and no charge for duplicate customers. Just the sort of features you’d like in a software for a SaaS business.

The affordable pricing is another excellent feature that comes with ConvertKit is that you can send an email “blast” for your customers all at once, at a remarkably low cost.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is great software because it comes with all the essential features you’d expect in an email marketing software. As a SaaS business starting, you’re still trying to sort your feet with regards to the email marketing campaigns and techniques, and Constant Contact does the work for you. It allows you to create effective campaigns using strong templates that can be appropriately edited and designed to give you the best results you desire.

To Conclude

SaaS brands need to come out of the blocks well when it comes to email marketing because your entire business is based online. This means customers will directly click on a link and get redirected to your cloud-based site to subscribe. There is no mediator or anyone responsible for your brand’s email marketing success but you.

The various templates available here are a great indicator for you to begin and start sending out your emails. You come across as polite and as a brand who cares about the customer when you reach out over email, and you will be able to earn their attention than seek it. 

Take some time out and understand the various templates available with these softwares before you begin deploying them. The different features are also great for you to play around with your content until you find a style that works best for you. Winning templates can be customized and used according to what suits your brand best. 
Try out the different Mailchimp alternatives and their features to get the most out of it. As a SaaS business, you need to continually update your customers with regards to the product and other launches, and this is the best way to go about it!

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Christeen Paul is a digital marketer obsessed with organic search results. Currently working to grow SendX.

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