Meet Inspirar - the simple Culture Amp alternative that respects small teams’ budgets

If you’re a team of up to 25 employees, the most valuable, data science-driven features of Culture Amp are locked for you. That’s where Inspirar comes in – it’s a neat, handy and affordable tool to measure employee engagement and retain your best talent.


Prioritize simplicity and focus over expensive multifunctionality

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Culture Amp is a robust, advanced platform
for large and enterprise teams ….


… but a smaller team will be better off with Inspirar’s
straightforward platform and freemium pricing

Employee engagement, simplified

Start making your workspace a happier place in no time.

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INSPIRAR VS. culture amp

Start at your own pace with Inspirar’s friendly pricing. Scale as you grow



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Culture Amp


Tried-and-tested features that make sense for big and small teams alike

We designed Inspirar with your bottom line in mind. You want a simple and efficient tool to measure employee engagement, safely converse with your employees and build a roadmap to a happier workspace. With Inspirar, that’s what you get. Not an expensive, over-feature platform, but an easy-to-use tool with zero learning curve. Start arming yourself with noise-free reports that yet speak volumes.

Slack & Email Integration

Employees receive surveys where they work, making adoption easy

Customizable Templates

Choose from our pulse survey templates, or create your own

Fully Automated

Surveys can send automatically, putting insights on auto pilot

Detailed Analytics

Find out how you're organization scores on a variety of employee engagement categories

Admin Permissions

Provide admin access to your leadership team

Anonymous Feedback

Receive anonymous, qualitative feedback from constructive employees

Want to try?

81% of employees are considering leaving their jobs. Use Inspirar to keep your team happy.