pulse surveys
Pulse Surveys

Collect Anonymous Employee Feedback

Automatically send out employee pulse surveys to your team; daily, weekly, or monthly. Choose from dozens of customizable templates to get anonymous feedback on your team’s most pressing issues such as stress at work, recognition, and happiness.


Identify Trouble Spots Before It's Too Late

Find out how you score across various categories such as happiness, management, autonomy and more. Catch negative trends before they become a full blown culture problem.

Inspirar Conversations

Safely converse
with distressed employees

A safe and anonymous conversation portal allows you to respond to employee comments and suggestions generated from surveys or submitted directly. The identity of the employee is protected, allowing them to share honest feedback with admins and managers.


Integrate with your Slack workspace

Inspirar integrates directly into your Slack workspace and employees can engage with the app without having to access it after creating their account. Surveys and reminders automatically send out to employees to boost participation rate.

slack app
Employee Recognitions

Publicly Recognize Outstanding Employees

By selecting a unique, fun emoji and adding Inspirar bot to your Slack channel(s), employees can publicly recognize each other for a job well done.

A note from Dave, Founder & CEO of Inspirar

Hi there —

Many people wonder how Inspirar is different.

It’s a fair question. There’s plenty of so-called employee engagement tools available.
The problem was that none of those options were right for me.

I’ve been running remote, digital small businesses for over a decade now, often with a few dozen employees. While I didn’t need an expensive, complex enterprise software, or integrations with HR tools we didn’t use, I did need help getting honest feedback from the team.

Sure, I was doing 1:1’s with key employees, but as the team grew I found it increasingly more difficult to connect with each one on a regular basis. Moreover, even if I was conversing with them, I could never be 100% sure that I was getting the full story – employees have a natural bias to not share what they’re thinking to their CEO, and basic survey tools aren’t designed to handle this nuanced need.

That’s why I created Inspirar.

Inspirar is a simple tool for growing small businesses that helps you stay on top of the challenges and concerns your team is facing. Non-intrusive surveys designed with the employee in mind create a steady stream of quantitative and qualitative employee data that allows you to stay on top of your employee’s state of mind and address red flags before they spiral out of control and become a full blown culture problem.

If you’re ready to take the next steps with creating a more constructive and transparent culture, I hope you’ll give Inspirar a try. I’m confident that you’ll love it.

And if, for any reason, you don’t think that Inspirar is providing you with sought after constructive feedback — then you won’t pay a penny.

Give it a shot, and email me at  to let me know what you think.

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Did you know?

81% of Employees Would Consider Leaving Their Jobs for the Right Offer

Employee engagement isn’t just about building a better culture – it directly impacts the bottom line. Retain your best talent, reduce turnover and associated costs by addressing your employees’ concerns.

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